Pug Surgery Post Surgery 1 week

Well it's been one week since the Pug's luxating patella surgery! She is doing AWESOME! You probably couldn't even tell she had surgery a week ago if you didn't know it! You will see in the video she is walking like a champ! The past few days the scab is starting to fall off of her leg and the skin is starting to close up. The stitches are actually inside of her leg, so you can't see them, but you can just see the skin healing. Just like in humans, when the scab falls off, you get that pink looking new flesh and that's what she's got.

We are having a lot of trouble with her though, she isn't allowed to run, jump, etc, etc, for another 7 weeks! She doesn't quite understand that! We are doing our best though to keep it all to a minimum. She is wanting to go for a walk so bad, so we have taken her from our house to the mail box and just around the backyard a bit. Next week when she goes for her check up we will ask Dr. Cofone if he thinks a small walk around the block is fine.

One thing that is good, is that she has been able to move her bowels. Typically, after the luxating patella surgery, dogs, won't go to the bathroom(#2) for a week. But she has been going since last week.

She was given two pain pills. Rimadyl which she has been on before the surgery, because it's an anti-inflammatory and tramadol, which is a pain pill. She refuses to take the tramadol, so the vet said it's just fine to take the rimadyl. She actually was foaming at the mouth when we tried to give her the tramadol.

But overall, her progress is going well and we couldn't be happier. It's nice to see her, with her spurts of energy again!

Here's a picture of her leg:
You can see where the scab is falling off.

Here's a video of her, running around tonight:

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