Be A Better Spouse Day 18

I need to clarify something here, this is a spouse challenge. This isn't just for one person to work on in their marriage, you are a team, so if you are going to participate and for this to really work, both people in the marriage should be reading these and working on all of the different challenges. One should not be reading as just something for their better half to do.

So on with Day 18.

Be a better spouse challenge Day 18: Eat together

We're fortunate to have lots of family dinners when my husband is home, but lately, with so many kids needing so many things, we end up playing wait staff rather than sitting down with all of them ourselves.

Challenge #18: Eat Together

It's important to have at least one meal where it's just you two. This might be asking the impossible, but think about your schedules think about how you could make this happen. Maybe it's a late night dessert. Or perhaps it's dinner after the kids eat.

It's a good way to reconnect and check in. And well, you have to eat, so why not make it something you do together, even if it's just one time a week.

Wow, we're already over 2 weeks in!

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