Be A Better Spouse Day 20 & 21

Challenge #20/21: Get a hobby

So many of us are engulfed in work and our kids that we often have nothing to call our very own. However, our spouses seem to always have a hobby. Why is that? I know "always" is a generalization, but I've found quite often that it's very often the case.

What can happen is that the person without the hobby gets resentful when the other person goes off to enjoy their hobby.

That can't just be me, right?

Of course, if your spouse is gone every weekend on a golf trip, then getting a hobby yourself might not exactly be the answer. However, if you do, then you have a reason to go away, or get some time alone just like he is. (Though every weekend? Hmmmm. Not so much).

So think about something you've always wanted to do. It could be something like knitting or gardening, learning a new language, a sport (like running or dancing).

It's important for you to have something of your very own. Not just for you, but for your relationship as well.

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