Be A Better Spouse Day 25

My husband is going to love today. In fact I can guarantee you as soon as this post goes live, I'll have a call or text from him on my phone.
Challenge #25: Saying sorry

I think it's important to apologize in a meaningful and specific way. We also need to keep in mind that everyone has their own way to apologize. My husband thinks I sound like a 5 year old when I apologize and he feels sometimes I don't mean it. But I do mean it, it's just the way I say it. So what I need to do personally is think about how I'd want my apology to be accepted and try to keep that in mind when I'm giving my own.

Taking a minute or 12 to breathe goes hand in hand with this challenge. There are plenty of times when I should have just shut up, apologized, and gone on with my day. But instead, I keep on fighting and then end up saying and even doing things that I really regret(like playing on my I-Phone) . And that require a bigger apology.

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