Be A Better Spouse Day 19

Challenge #19: Be Thankful

I think one of the biggest challenges of being a parent is that it's a thankless job. That's probably why I'm all for Father's Day and Mother's Day. Damn straight there should be a holiday just for us.

But when I'm entrenched in my long days parenting, often times alone, I do forget to offer some thanks to my husband, who also works his own share of long days.

You don't have to go overboard here. But even just expressing your gratitude for whatever it is that your spouse DOES do is helpful. It sets a good example to, for your kids, and hey, even for your spouse who might not get the hint that you could use a little thanks for yourself.

That doesn't mean you're doing this just to get some thanks of your very own, but some things you've got to give out what you need and want for yourself.

So decide how thankful you feel like being and give thanks!

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