100 Days of Weight Loss

My good friend Kim, from Berly's Thoughts, suggested to a message board I frequent that we start a group and read 100 Days of Weight Loss, The Secret To Being Sucessful On Any Diet Plan, by Linda Spangle. She also has a website you can find here.

It's so easy to start a diet/workout regimen and slip off. We've all done it, me personally about one, err 50,000 times. Life gets in the way is typically the excuse. The concept of this book is to read one page daily and complete the exercises that go with that day. It keeps you on track. Honestly it was so easy to read, I wanted to keep reading each page, but I didn't I only read Day 1.

It's pretty easy to use, first choice the best diet plan that works for you, for me it's counting my calories, but not limiting the choices in food, also create your workout plan. Second, follow your plan for 100 days.

So each day for the next 100 days, I'll be sharing what each day's task is and my response to it.


Emily Malloy said...

So cool! Looking forward to it!

Keeley said...

Great idea :)