Ways to Think Slim

I'm a firm believer of that you do not need to cut foods out of your diet to lose weight. I know many people disagree and believe you should, but I totally feel if you eat in moderation you can still lose weight. For me, I just need to change the way I think about eating and what I am eating.
  1. Food isn't a prize-You shouldn't reward your self with food. It's hard to do and I'm guilty. I will lose 5 pounds and my prize will be a yummy Oreo Peanut Butter Milkshake. Instead, I should put the money into buying a new pair of jeans!
  2. Eat dessert on a full stomach-You won't eat as much. My husband loves to take his dessert home from restaurants, or even after eating dinner at home, he always waits to have desserts, so it's something I've adapted and do as well. You should eat dessert after eating your meal so you don't eat that whole piece of cake.
  3. Diet foods aren't always a diet-Food makers try to trick us, by making "diet" food, by labeling something low fat, or cookies for 100 calories, are you really going to be satisfied after eating only two small cookies, doubt it. So eat a serving size of the regular, not diet food.
  4. Free food-Foods that are "free" of ingredients always have something more. So they maybe fat free, but they have more sugar or salt to replace that free ingredient. So eat the real deal, just with in the serving size limits.
  5. It's there, so I need to eat it-you know you've passed by something in your office or kitchen and said well it's there, I see it, I need to eat it. Think about it before you put that something in your mouth, "Do I really need this'? Make your self a deal, like only if it's dark chocolate, or one sweet a day.
Inspired by Self's Keep Shrinking.


Emily Malloy said...

Great Post!!!

Teresa said...

Great post!! I wish my husband followed rule number 2 a little bit better. He eats dessert right after dinner, but then has a second dessert later when he's hungry.

Jessica said...

I always used to eat it right after dinner, then I'd be full and happy =) But Chris always eats his hours later, so whenever we go out he gets his to take home, so I always feel weird just sitting there eating mine, so I get to go and then end up eating all of it!