Interested or Committed-Day2/100

If you tend to start and stop eating right and working out, you have to decide if you are just interested in becoming healthier or if you are truly committed to becoming healthier.

If you are interested; you tend to stay with your plans until something better comes along. You maybe eating right, but someone happens to bring doughnuts into your workplace and you quickly go off your diet by eating a few. You depend to see your self looking thinner. As long as that scale is going down, your content. But if you start to plateau, you may get tired of it and give up. You may blame it on your friend, because they ate something yummy in front of you.

When you are committed, you stick with your goals, no matter what. Instead of depending on seeing the scale go lower, you keep your motivation strong, knowing results will come. You don't blame others or life for not meeting you goal.

If you tend to easily fall away from your plan, decide if you are taking an interested approach. If so, strive to be committed.

Adopt a no matter what attitude.

Today's Task:
  • Decide that you will always be committed to your weight-loss plan, not interested.
  • In your notebook, describe how you will stick with your program, no matter what.
  • Do at least one thing today that demonstrates you are truly committed. For example, take a walk or eat your vegetables, no matter what.
I'm going to stick with my program this time, no matter what. I'll keep track of my calories even if it does take more time to write them down, then not to write them down. I'll make sure I get some type of exercise in everyday even if it's as simple as going for a walk.

My one thing for today was having a glass of water, instead of a snack.

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Emily Malloy said...

you go girl! these are great