Kiley is 10 Months!

Hard to believe that in two months my little baby will be a year old! This past month has been crazy with everything she has started to do. I almost don't have enough room in her baby book to write it all down!

This month Kiley, you've become an expert at crawling! You are super fast and get to where you want to get to with no problem. Your biggest milestone this year is that you have gotten your FIRST toothie! And then a few days later you second toothie came in! You look so silly with just two teeth, but it's super cute, just as cute as your gummy smile!

You love to stand, every chance you get to stand you stand! You love to walk around with your little walker, sometimes you think you can walk, but you really can't so you fall down, silly girl. You love to crawl over to Puggie's water dish and dump them, sometimes you dump them a few times a day. You love to go look out the doors and windows.

When Daddy gets home from work, Puggie and you greet him at the gate, waiting for him. You move stuff out of your way to get to him it's pretty cute. You are saying a whole bunch of stuff now, everything but MaMa! You love to say "De De De" and you look at Puggie when you say it, just yesterday you started saying "D" when you see her, so maybe you are trying to say dog. You love to say "bub", I'm not sure if you mean bubbles. You've learned how to click your tongue and you LOVE to blow raspberries. You are the queen at that. You love to imitate noises you hear.

You love to play peek-a-boo by your self. You'll pull whatever you have up over your face and wait for someone to say peek-a-boo and then you lower it. Just this week you've started to pick up your ball and throw it, crawl after it and repeat it over and over again. Today you pointed a picture at Daddy and said "Dada" so I think you know who Dada is now! You love swimming in your pool. You don't like bath tub anymore you just want to stand every chance you get! You actually stopped eating a lot while you were teething but you've started to finally get your appetite back! Speaking of teething, I've heard all these horror stories from teething babies and you were a GEM, I wouldn't even of known you were teething except you weren't eating and had small rash!

You are still sleeping like a champ, you sleep from 9-7-7:30 and take an hour and half nap in the morning and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon! You must get so tired from all the fun stuff we do together during the day!

Can't believe you will be a year old in just a short time! Love you!

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