Chris's Gym

So the week before my surgery Chris had mentioned that he wanted to buy his own "home" gym, so that we could both stop paying ridiculous amounts for a gym membership. When he showed me online he didn't show me the sizes, probably because of how big it is! I told him he was only allowed to get it, if it fit downstairs in our family room where we have space, it's where we hang out the most but it's a big family room. He said of course it will and so we ordered it. He wanted to put it in our family room upstairs because there is nothing in that room really besides a rocking chair and love seat. Our living room upstairs has the other TV and couches. So fast forward to the day it was shipped it weighs about 800 pounds and came in this HUGE box. Once it was out of the box and pieces were laying around we came to the conclusion that it was way too big to add to our family room, so Chris won and it's now upstairs in our family room. I'm in the process of finding one of those privacy screens to cover it up a bit. But here is Chris's finally working out with it last night:
*Don't mind Puggie's babies in the picture, she has them everywhere all over the house*

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