Gall bladder is coming out!

On Thursday I have surgery to get my gall bladder out. I'm actually pretty excited for this believe it or not. I'm a bit nervous, as anyone would be before getting surgery. But the amount of pain I've experienced with this silly organ, I'm glad it's coming out. I haven't said anything on my blog about this but most of my friends and family are aware of the situation.

I've been getting this awful, what felt like gas pains in my upper right abdominal area. The only thing that would seem to help the pain was to sit in a fetal position and rock back and forth. After about a month or dealing with it, I finally went to the doctor. I got an ultrasound. In the ultrasound there was a gall stone that was too big to pass on it's on. That equals surgery.

The gall bladder actually isn't needed by your body, evolution just hasn't caught up to that yet. Basically all this pear shaped organ does it store bile that squirt out when you eat a fatty food. Without the gall bladder your liver produces the bile that is needed for a healthy-diet.

Gall bladder removal surgery is actually one of the most common surgeries preformed in the US.

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