Weekend Project!

I'm SO excited to share this with everyone. We love to plant our own garden but for some reason every year not everything turns out well. Our first year living together we planted a garden in our backyard and I told Chris not to spray this feed and weed on it, because my mom had used it in the past and it killed her plants. Well he didn't listen and we lost everything. Then we moved into a townhouse and there isn't much room for a garden there, so we had two tomato plants in pots on our deck, which was fine we got some tomatoes from it. Then we moved again into another townhouse and last summer our deck was covered it pots and window boxes with veggies. Some of them made it, but for the most part they got to big for the containers they were in. So this year we said we weren't gonna bother with it. But then I was on the Pioneer Woman's garden blog and saw this easy, what looked easy raised garden box to build. Chris said there was no way I'd be able to do it and if I did he'd me amazed. Well guess what my friends....he is!

Yesterday, Chris went golfing, so I decided to make a list of what I needed and take it to Lowes. I went into the indoor lumber yard totally clueless and tried to find what I needed my self, but no luck. So I went up to the nice little old man and said "Hi, I have this list and I have no clue what to get, so can you help me?" And he did, he even put it in my car for me! Now the fun part, I didn't realize how heavy these pieces of wood were, but I was bound and determined to get this garden bed made before Chris came home. So I carried the wood to the back of the house, yes, I know I shouldn't of done it, because I'm paying for it today. It still hurts a lot(my incision from moving/being active a lot, especially bending). Anyways, I got the drill out and other tools I need and I started making my marks to drill holes, etc. Well I had to cut an 8 foot board in half because I needed two 4 foot boards so I got out the ciruclar saw. Well, big fail there. That thing is WAY to powerful for me, so I had to wait for Chris to get home. I actually texted him and told him I had it out, and his reply was "STOP, NO WAY, PUT IT BACK"

So he got home and helped me cut the wood and I finished. So here you go my project, yes, me, built this from 6 pieces of wood and 6 wood steaks, I'm SO proud of my self. I'm the least bit construction savvy.

So today we went and got our veggies and planted!

Oh yeah, don't mind the Pug posing in the one picture. Don't mind our grass either, our homeowners association takes horrible care of seeding in the spring. That area of our yard is the worst, hence why we put the box where it is!


Valerie said...

Girl you did awesome! I am definitely impressed

Keeley said...

Wow! I need to build one of these at my house! If we don't move in 2012, I have a long, narrow spot in the back where this may work. Otherwise, I'm building one at our next house.