Week 3 Work-Out/Dinner Plans

Week 3

This week will be cut short one day for me because of getting surgery. Thankfully though it's the last day of the week. I'm going to be ambitious now and say I'll do a DVD before I go to the hospital in the morning.

Friday-Dinner Out/ Run 5 and 1's, 5 times, dog walk

Saturday-Beef Tenderloin, veggies, quinoa Alfredo, Run 5 and 1's, 5 times

Sunday-Turkey Stromboli, Rest Day

Monday-Chicken and Spaghetti Squash, Run 5 and 1's, 5 times, dog walk

Tuesday-Chris really wants some steak, so I'll get out a half portion of filet Mignon for me, Jillian DVD, 30 min dog walk

Wednesday-Beef Skewers and couscous, Run 5 and 1's 5 times, dog walk

Thursday-Pork Fried Rice(going to make it earlier in the week), This is surgery day, so I'm going to *try* to do a Jillian DVD before going to surgery

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