Be A Better Spouse Day 12

Challenge #12: Tech Turn Off

With all the gadgets we've got around our house, it's rare that we ever have a night when we're not using something. I usually have a laptop in my lap while I'm watching television at night(Agree with Kristen here, so much!)

You may not be able to do this tonight, for whatever reason, but I encourage you to establish a tech turn off night with your spouse. Pick a day and decide to not have any gadgets on - television, computers, phones, you name it.

It's also a good idea to have this during the hours of 5-8pm, or something like that. As much as I love technology it's important to have time during the day and/or at night when you're focusing on each other and/or on your kids without distraction.

Good luck!


Jason said...

We do no tech Sundays all day. Lately though it has turned into just no TV; we are trying to get back to nothing more advanced than CD's (hopefully we start that again next week). We call it family fun day and its good for the kids to have a break from it all as well.

Jessica said...

That's a good idea! We might steal that one!