Be A Better Spouse Day 14

Challenge #14: Ask for what you need

There's no way for us to avoid communication issues in a month of being a better spouse. Of course, communication generally involves two or more people, but there are a few things that you can address on your own that can really help support a positive environment.

I'm the queen of wanting my husband to automatically know what I need and then punishing him when he doesn't figure it out. My rationale is that he should know by now, which, on one hand is fair, but then again, on the other really isn't.

Better, I should take it upon myself to say what I need. What a concept! Don't wish. Don't whine. Don't assume. Just ask.

I'm not necessarily talking about stuff - like "a new pair of shoes" or "a glass of water" but rather your emotional and physical needs.

"I'm feeling really overwhelmed with everything. Let's figure out a way that we can make things work a little better."

Talk about your feelings and be collaborative. You are a team, after all. And you just can't assume that he's going to read your mind. Or somehow be able to do it after a certain amount of time.

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