Weight Loss

This month issue of Runner's World, had an awesome article on The Golden Rules of Weight Loss, you can read the entire article here.

One of the parts of the article that I really found to be true was the section on Rushing Weight Loss. A lot of us go trying to be healthier , lose weight and expect changes right away. Unfortunately it takes our body time to adjust to these new changes. A lot of us, including my self get upset when we don't immediately see changes.

The article says our bodies need 3 months to train your brain to make a habit, you need three months to get used to reading labels at grocery stores and learn how to plan your meals and shop.

Quick fix diets, don't work. I have never been a believer of those types of diets, because they always leave out nutrients that your bodies needs.

There are pretty common mistakes, I my self have been guilty(some of them) of when trying to lose weight, such as:
  1. Making Food Taste Good-Like the article says, when people go on diets, they automatically think that they need to eat grilled chicken with broccoli and that's not the case, because your body starts to CRAVE sweets like ice cream and salty foods like chips. One thing I do is I never stop my self from eating something because I'm dieting, I eat whatever I want, but just need to be in control of how much is going in your mouth.
  2. Keep Fine Tuning the Plan-Sometimes we get an injury from working out, so re-adjust and come back when you are strong again. Recently I injured my foot running, I've been taking the past two weeks off, but I'm still exercising, doing other things to raise my heart rate.
  3. Don't Give Up-Just because you've eaten something extra, don't think it's ok, to be "bad" the rest of the day. I definitely have been guilty of this. But I've learned it's ok to eat a little to much of something, just watch your calories the rest of the day and move on. Let it go.
Remember you are the only one who can control your weight loss!

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