In Control

The tittle of the post should probably be back in control. Back in control of getting on the right track to eating healthy and exercising. As most of my readers know before I got pregnant I was on a weight loss journey, lost about 60 pounds, got pregnant put on 30, right after pregnancy dropped 25 pounds, put back on 15 pounds. Why? Not sure, did I exercise, yes, I trained and ran a freaking 5k people!! But, did I keep my calories in check and eat correctly? Nope, no way, totally guilty.

Holidays came and went my friends, we all know how troublesome they are. Then I had the attitude well I worked out today I can eat this, or this is my reward for doing this today. Which I totally KNOW isn't ok, it isn't how to keep the weight off. So I found my self again, starting over, getting back on track. They say it takes about 14 days for your body to get used to a change, so I'm on day 7, but I feel totally in control again. I can do this, and I WILL do this. This is it!

Exercise and eating healthy are a HUGE part of life. I want Kiley seeing Chris and I eating healthy and exercising everyday so that she grows up thinking it's just a part of a life, not something you do to make you feel and look better.

So every week, I will be starting to do my weekly weigh in's, on Friday. I'm not going to do an everyday update of what I ate/exercised(like I've done in the past), just weekly. I am a Mommy now, and have no time to keep track of that and post it on here!

Plus I'm sure, you'd like to see pictures of Kiley way more then what I ate and what exercises I did every day =)


Keeley said...

Congrats on getting back on track! You looked good when I saw you on Saturday. I'm trying to improve my habits as well. I think I'm getting the eating under control, but I need to ramp up the exercise.

Jessica said...

It's hard to get on track, but once you get there and you keep at it, it feels great!!