Kiley is 7 months!

Kiley is 7 months today!!

You aren't crawling yet, little girl, but soon! You still have all the motions you just can't cooridnate them together. You are rolling everywhere to get to stuff. You are so much more vocal, you like to randomly scream happy screams in the grocery store at people and see what their reaction will be! You can stand up pretty well if you are holding on to something, you love to stand! You are getting very ticklish. You are really ticklish underneath your chin, but your little piggie toes are getting ticklish as well as your belly. You finally love going to swim class, I still think you love the little gym a bit more with all your little girlfriends!

When you jump in your jumparoo you are starting to get some air!! You have discovered many things you shouldn't be this month, so we had to baby proof, like a pen you got a hold of while rolling and decided to draw on your face, or the WII games, or even the TV cords! Silly girl, what makes you think that stuff would be fun for babies?

You are eating everything we give you, you aren't picky at all, well except yogurt, that you don't have a taste for yet! You love the little puffs as well and your baby Mum Mum cookies! You love eating your feet and and taking your sock off.
No teeth yet, we are still waiting! You are still sleeping through the night like a champ! I love that! You love sitting up in your big girl stroller now without your car seat! You are finally napping twice a day in your crib! You definitely have a bit of separation anxiety, you get really worried when I walk out of the room, but that's ok!
I love seeing all your new personality traits that come out every month! Love you Miss. Kiley!

Happy 7 months Big Girl!!

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She is so beautiful!