Small Bits

  • Kiley has mastered the pincer grip! She can now pick up her little puffs with her thumb and index finger! So cute!
  • She is now sleeping 9-7. Napping about 9-11, and then 3-4:30(afternoon nap is a little weird, sometimes she sleeps long other days not so long), then she likes to snuggle and take a small snooze on Daddy around 7:45ish.
  • She sleeps just like me, on her belly but yet on her side.
  • Of course I get back into working out and running and I got an injury. On Monday of this week, I decided since I didn't work out over the weekend I should run/walk for an hour on Monday, well I did something to the side of my left foot, I'm assuming it's a tendon issue, so I'm going to take about 2 weeks off from running and just do other exercises.
What's going on in your world?

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