I've never really enjoyed Peeps, in fact I don't like them, that is until last week.I was talking to my friend Teresa about peeps and she was saying how she loves them. My mom LOVES peeps also and I never really enjoyed them, I know lots of people do. But fast forward to last weekend, when I was at CVS with my mom and saw these cute little marshmellow bunnies staring at me. I figured I'd pick up a pack and see if Peeps and I were friends again. Well we were. Really for 110 calories and 4 peeps no fat, some sugar, not a bad small snack.

Fast forward once again to yesterday and I was at Walgreens/Walmart and found these guys:
Sugar free PEEPS! 3 peeps for 60 cals, no fat, no sugar, 1 gram of protein(yay), I can justify it a bit! It even taste a bit like my favorite ice cream, Cake Batter from Coldstone Creamery!

So I have a new snack love, and I'm gonna say this all thanks to Teresa, because we just talked about peeps last week and that's what sparked my interest!

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