Stupid Birds

Yes, the title of this post seems silly. But the Philadelphia Eagles, have got to be the stupidest team ever during free agency. Not only did they sign a hurt player that's still recovering from a torn ACL, but they let Brian Dawkins go. Seriously, if there was one player that was a FA(Free Agent) he is the one guy you want to keep. Dawkins has been with this team for 13 years, 13 LOYAL years. The Eagle have been the only team he's ever played for. Maybe, because I'm a girl and we see the emotional side of thing, I see it as this way: You have this team player who has been with you for 13 years, he has never caused any drama, never caused any problems, he is one the leaders of the team, he is the HEART and SOUL of your defense. At the NFC Championship game this past year in Arizona(yes Chris and I were there) BDawk was the one of the only people on that bench that was trying to pump the whole team up while they were down and out in the first have. Dawk, said after that he couldn't believe that when the defense was out on the field, he could still hear, "E-A-G-L-E-S" and "DEFENSE." He better off cause my throat was sore, haha, anyways. All the Eagles wanted to offer Bdawk was a 2 year contract for 5 million. Seriously give him what he wants, yeah he's old, but he's still got game left in him and if he started to perform under expectations of the NFL then cut him. But No, instead he goes to Denver and gets a 5 year, 17 million deal. CEO Jeff "Idiot" Lurie said this, "“Brian Dawkins has been one of the pillars of this franchise for 13 years. He helped lead us to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. Brian embodies everything you look for in a professional athlete and human being. I have been fortunate to witness his impeccable character, his passion for the game of football and his commitment to being the best player he could be. I look forward to continuing a close relationship with him once his playing days are over. His legacy as an Eagle will last forever and will ultimately land him in Canton as a Hall of Famer." WHY, WHY if you can speak that highly of someone would you let him go. Everyone in Eagles country is very upset with this, if you are a member of the Eagles Message Boards, I invite you to go on there and read what every other fan is saying. Some are even saying that they are taking their names off the waiting list for tickets because of this and because the Eagles increased ticket prices once again for this upcoming season. Granted, yes I know we Philly fans of any of our sports teams are harsh, but this is just stupid. At least Dawkins will have a familiar face in Denver as Correll Buckhalter signed a deal with them as well. So, Dawk when we see you next season(because we play Denver at home), in your new team's uniform, it will be odd, but good riddens. I'm sure you will get the heart warming applause you got when you were an Eagle.

Stupid Eagles. Joe Banner and the rest of you, learn how free agency works, please.

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