American Idol

As most of the world knows Kris won American Idol last night!!! Danny Gokey was my favorite all season but Kris was my second, so I am VERY happy with that outcome! I'm glad Adam didn't win, to be honest I couldn't stand Adam all season. Can he sing? Yes, he can and he is good. I just couldn't stand his screaming and sticking out his tongue. A lot of not liking him also comes from the judges because from day 1 they outed everyone else and just called Adam the winner. It was getting sick how goo goo Kara and Paula got after he sang. Simon didn't even stand up last night when Kris won, which was very rude. I guess he felt like an idiot since he told Oprah that Adam would win.

Chris and I both agreed all season that no one should count Kris out. He has an awesome voice. Here are some of my favorite moments from last night:

So funny!

Anyways Congrats Kris!

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