Importance of Fiber

Fiber is REALLY important no matter what. Men should have 45 grams daily and women should have 32 grams daily. Fiber isn't just one single substance but is made up of a lot of compounds, that have a broad effect on bodily systems. All fiber comes from plant derived foods. Meat has no fiber in it. Foods that are high in fiber fill you up while they are low in calories. There are two types of fiber one is soluble which dissolves in water, it lowers cholesterol and promotes cardiovascular health. It helps to regulate blood sugar, maintain optimum body weight. The second type of fiber is insoluble which doesn't dissolve in water. It's man purpose is to add bulk to the stool and stimulates peristalsis-which is the food moving through your digestive system.

Ways to get fiber:
  • Choose whole grain cereals with at least 3 grams of fiber, and top them with wheat germ, ground flax seed, bananas or berries
  • Eat whole fruits, instead of drinking fruit juices
  • Avoid peeling the skin off of fruits and vegetables
  • Replace white bread, pasta with brown and whole grains(We use nothing but whole-grain, whole-wheat, brown rice and whole grain pasta in our house)
  • Substitute beans for meat 2 to 3 times a week(I've been doing this for me at least, while Chris prefers his meat)

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