Big Oops

So I belong to this website called Good Reads, if you read books I highly suggest using it. Well anyways....point of this post is I just did the silliest thing ever. Good Reads has this feature where you can search your email contacts to see if they are members and I did this to see if anyone was. Well...I didn't click the right boxes and it sent an email to all 653 email address I have, telling people I wanted to be there friend on Good Reads. OMG. So why do I have that many contacts you probably are saying, well one, I did just plan a wedding a year ago, two I do have my own business so I have a lot of customers I email with, third I have lots of friends and fourth I use gmail and gmail saves all of your contacts, every time you type an email address in, it just automatically saves it!! Ahhh! I'm so embarrassed for some reason! I'm not sure why, it was just an accident. Oh well, that's my funny story for the day.


So if you got an invite for me and like to read, then accept me!! It's a great website to share what you've read with friends! If not disregard that silly email that went out to 653 people.

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