Week 6 Results

So week 6 and me didn't get along. I gained .5 of a pound. I know it's only .5 of a pound, so I'm not worried. I didn't stick to what I need to be doing. The biggest thing is I didn't track my calories, every day I meant to go back and do it and I didn't. In week 7 I have to get back to doing it. I only exercised 2 days of the week as well, that's not enough. I also had Chinese for dinner one night(which isn't bad) but we went a little crazy with it and ordered so many yummy things! Chris and I also had a sponge candy fest(a chocolate candy) during American Idol on Tuesday. I also bought this yummy lemon cake at the grocery store, which was fine only 140 calories for a decent slice, but I made a coconut cake for my parents and had yummy cream cheese frosting left over and decided to put in the lemon cake!

I'm glad though I'm able to see the reasons why I wasn't successful this week, because it's makes it very easy for me to turn it around and get back on track. Again .5 of a pound I'm not gonna worry about it!

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