How to Curb Mindless Eating

  1. Don't eat while standing up, in the car or on the go. Don't eat when you don't have time to sit down and have a proper meal.
  2. Don't skip meals, you aren't saving calories because you will be so hungry that you will extra calories to feel full.
  3. Nighttime grating is often because you are bored-so find a hobby.
  4. Brush your teeth, food is never as appealing when you have a toothpaste mouth.
  5. Make hot tea, warm liquid in your stomach makes you feel satiated.
  6. Take a fiber supplement.
  7. If going to a party, take a healthy snack for everyone to munch on.
  8. At a party or social event hang far away enough from the food so you are tempted to be talking and munching.
  9. If able bring a healthy dish to the party.

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