Happy 7th Birthday Alexis!

I can't believe Puggie is 7 years old today! Can you? I remember when I first saw her and she peed on me, ha, what a memory! I remember when I brought her home and her Granny had fits and said "get that thing out here!" And now Granny loves her pug! You are such a charmer and a cuddler. Everyone who meets you loves you!

I know that at night time around 1-2 am, you are going to come up to my face or your daddy's face with a "snort, snort" and push your head at us to let you under the covers. Then you are gonna lick your paws until we stop you and you start to snore instantly.

I know that as soon as you wake up in the morning you expect your breakfast right after you go potty. As soon as you see us making your food you like talk to us, with a "boof" and you get so excited sometimes, you must be a hungry pug! I love right before we give you your food, all we have to say is "What does a girl do?" and you sit and bark at us, when we tell you "louder", you do it louder.

You are scared of some silly things, but that's ok. You hate Clorox for some reason, but yet when it gets used to clean the toilets you come back more and more to smell it, just to go out in the hall way and bark your face off. That's my favorite bark. The "woooo woooo wooo". You get scared sometimes of stuff sitting on the ground and back away from it.

As soon as Daddy gets home from work, he can expect that his little now 7 year old pug, will be waiting at the top of the steps for him waiting for him to get his welcome home face licks. You know that your Daddy is gonna flop you over and give you a belly rub too. You love your Daddy's belly rubs! You stretch your little legs back and forth for the belly rub.

You have more toys then any dog, I think. I'm not quite sure what happens when we have kids, I think our house will be consumed with toys, both kid and pug toys!

The amount of words you know amazes me, as soon as we say "puggie go for walk", "puggie go for a ride", "puggie go to pet smart", puggie go to petco", "puggie go to Granny's", when we say cream, you know your getting some ice cream, etc you get all crazy and run around in a circle!

You love routines! I guess doing the same thing everyday makes you that way. But I know that when you hear my laptop close and the TV make the beep noise it makes when you turn it off, that no matter how deep of a sleep you are in, you are going to hop up and jump on the ground. You know that at night time when Daddy says, "let's go outside pug dog" that you run to the back door and you know as soon as you come back in, we are going to bed and you will get your night time snack. You know at 5 pm everyday you get your afternoon snack. When we take you for walks you automatically think we are always going to the dog walk. At Granny's house as soon as we walk in, you always make sure your water dish is out and then go hop onto your Granny's lap.

You let me dress you up in silly outfits sometimes, even though you look cute, I know you can't stand them. You've put on a few pounds over the years, but you like your diet and exercise and are losing weight! If I'm ever feeling down or sick, I know that you will glady cuddle with me and start giving me lots of kisses.

You are the snuggliest, cutest pug in the world! Happy Birthday Puggie!!!

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Berly said...

Happy Birthday Puggie Wuggie Luggie! Love Geo!